This is a legit product!

Im writing a review mostly to let others know who are struggling with addiction, that this supplement is the REAL DEAL. I read BioRebalance reviews multiple times before I pulled the trigger on ordering this because frankly if I spent 175-200$ on a product that didn’t work I would be furious. Im happy to say that is not the case here. Quite the opposite. BioRebalance helped me get SOBER from alcohol! I was a 20+ year alcohol user and am now completely alcohol free for just over a month!! This supplement helped me get there. Things I have noticed while taking this: more energy, (mentally and physically) cravings were reduced quickly and are now very rare and far less powerful, more mental clarity, less fatigue, improved vitality, improvements in mental health (more optimistic, depression has lessened, feeling more in control of my mental state, less anxiety, able to deal with lifes challenges in a practical way). My holistic Doctor recommended I take supplements for a boost in serotonin production during my initial recovery from alcohol, I told him I’m taking BioRebalance, he looked up the ingredients and told me “You are getting all of the precursors to healthy serotonin production you need with this supplement.” He was impressed with the product ingredient list and thrilled that I am clean from alcohol, as we have been working on getting me sober for a long time! I have seen some comments talking about the taste, personally I don’t think it tastes bad at all, it tastes like nourishment, don’t let the taste factor in to your decision. The bottom line is, it does what it says! who cares how it tastes? It tastes like medical grade vitamins if that makes any sense. My body got goosebumps the first few times I used this, as if to say “thank you.” I started with a very small dose (a few teaspoons) to asses tolerance, as it is very strong, and worked my way up to about three quarters of a scoop two times a day, (I have purchased this twice and it has lasted me almost 3 months so far) so it lasts me longer than expected which is an added bonus/value. Also if you consider that their website says you only need to use this for 1-3 months then it really drives home the value of the product, most supplement companies will tell you to keep taking/purchasing their product. It just shows me this is an ethical company. Honestly I’m not super fond of the whole “reviewing things” subculture, however I felt an obligation to share my experience here in hopes that other addicts will add this to their recovery program. This is a legit nutritional powerhouse that will help you tremendously on your road to recovery, I would recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction or otherwise.